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Shake of the Month | September

Coconut Cream Pie - Get Back in the Rhythm & Stay Geared Up for Fall with Around The Clock Fitness' Coconut Cream Pie - Shake of the Month. They are delicious... You should try one today! HIGH PROTEIN Coconut Cream Pie PRO CAR FAT CAL Water ( 5 oz) Meal Replacement-Vanilla (2 Scoop) [...]

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The Jury is In

– COCONUT OIL IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU By Margo White for Fit Planet by Les Mills. Hailed and marketed as a super-healthy cooking alternative, coconut oil has been under increased scrutiny lately. Now the science is clear – don’t believe the hype. Coconut oil’s image as the “good” oil saw it stocked [...]

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The Ab Exercise to Avoid

-IF YOU WANT TO WRECK YOUR BACK … THEN DO THE RUSSIAN TWIST. By Sarah Shortt. If you’ve ever looked for ways to strengthen your obliques, you’ve probably come across the Russian Twist. It’s been touted as one of the most effective ways to trim the waistline and eliminate love handles … But [...]

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$35 Adjustments for Around The Clock Fitness Members | Get More out of your workouts! Learn how.

Featured Business Partner   Want to get More out of your Workout??? Dr. Merlo offers adjustments at our Alico club every Monday from 9 am – 1 pm. ATC Members pay only $35 - Convenience and Care are a priority! Chiropractic care may help you with; - Better Flexibility & Increase Performance - [...]

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Adaptive CrossFit at CrossFit ATC

Adaptive CrossFit, July 29th, 2017 18 people competed in the 1st annual, Around the Clock Fitness, Adaptive Crossfit challenge with the assistance of 31 volunteers. Competitors included amputees, wheelchair bound, the blind, and others that have physical and mental challenges in everyday life. The Crossfit room was buzzing as attendees cheered on competitors [...]

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Red, White& Boom | Event Recap

Red, White & Boom - Cape Coral | July 4, 2017 Around the Clock Fitness participated in Cape Coral’s annual Red-White-and-BOOM on July 4th. We kicked off the day handing out free bottles of water to participants at the 5K race. As the day progressed hundreds of people stopped by our booths to [...]

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Shake of the Month | August

Orange Dreamsicle Try Around the Clock Fitness' Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie of the Month. Our high protein version sports  36 grams of protein and 310 calories. Too many calories for you? Go with our low-calorie version with 18 grams of protein and 155 calories. They are delicious... You should try one today! High protein [...]

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Glute Training Program

How to Design an Optimal Glute Training Program In efforts to help the readers of my blog more effectively train their glutes, I thought I’d shed some light on program design tactics for glute building. This isn’t as easy as it seems since the design of each training session depends on many factors, [...]

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Without Moving a Muscle

A Brief Discussion of Isometrics for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Performance - Training with isometrics can be murderously difficult, even for those whose job it is to basically train for a living. Let me give you an example: In the December 2014 Men’s Fitness issue, I was behind the scenes as the photoshoot’s [...]

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Diet or Deception: The Problem With Nutrition Secrets

Diet or Deception: The Problem With Nutrition Secrets “Tell me the new nutrition secret that will blow my mind.” After nearly 15 years of being asked this question, I guess it’s time to provide an answer. But I’ll be honest; I dread when people make this specific request and odds are you won’t like [...]

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