Membership Freeze Policy. We understand that life happens. So we have the following freeze options available to assist you.

  1. General Freeze: This option allows you to freeze your membership for maximum of 6 consecutive months. The freeze free is only $20. One freeze allowed per calendar year. During this period, you will not have access to any of the facilities or services. If your Annual Management Fee date is within freeze period, that fee will still be charged to your account. At the end of the freeze, the membership dues will automatically restart and allow access to the facility.
  2. Medical Freeze: With signed doctor’s note, ATC will freeze your membership for up to 12 months. The doctor’s note must be on the physician’s letter head, clearly state reason, clearly state a return to exercise date, and have a signature.

Contact Member Services to complete your request: 855-275-1060

Membership Cancellation Policy: We understand that cancellations happen, so we try to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

All month-to-month memberships are cancelled by the member calling member services.  The date of the call will act as the cancellation notification date. Not withstanding any other rights provided herin you may terminate this Agreement at any time. The charge for such termination is calculated as follows: (1) all unpaid amounts that are due or past due under this Agreement within the 30 day notice period; plus (2) Any taxes related to early termination; plus (3) Any outstanding annual facility fees due within the calendar year.

Contact Member Services to complete your request: 855-275-1060

Personal Training Cancellation Policy: We love that goals are reached, therefore some personal training memberships may come to an end.
Should you (the buyer) choose to end your Personal Training agreement prior to the fulfillment of the contracted term, the remaining balance of the term is due at the time of cancellation. In order for the agreement to be fully cancelled, the amount due must be paid in full. If this amount is not paid, the agreement will remain active.

Contact the General Manager or Personal Training Manager at your facility to complete your request.