Introducing eCoach

The Future of Personal Training

A new kind of training program that combines internet connected equipment with a human coach.

Why It Works


Our equipment knows your plan, so you never have to think about what to do next. Just tap your bracelet and the machine will guide you through a personalized workout step-by-step.


Science-backed programs with the right resistance, repetitions, and workout speeds are delivered directly to your machine, so you can achieve your goals quickly.


The connected equipment records your exercise progress. Your coach reviews this progress with you frequently and keeps you accountable to your goals.

How it Works

Your coach does everything a normal trainer would do, while our smart machines guide you through the workout rep-by-rep.


Make a plan with your human coach that suits your goals.


Follow your routine using eCoach smart machines.


Review measurable results with your coach in the app.

  • Orientation and goal planning with a coach
  • Access to smart machines in the gym
  • Frequent check-ins and progress reviews with a coach
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I’d never lifted weights before in my life. eCoach made it super easy to get started.

Riley Hansen

eCoach is just fun. I never thought I’d find weight training fun, but eCoach literally feels like I’m playing a game.

Ryan James

My routine has become so much more legit. I’m now constantly changing my routine and updating it with new techniques from eCoach.

Dylan Miles

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get exactly?

eCoach members get a digital wristband which allows them to use state-of-the-art internet connected strength and cardio machines in the gym. A human coach will onboard them, create a training plan, provide ongoing support and monitor progress.

What's so cool about these new machines?

They have a video game style interface to guide you rep-by-rep through your workout. They automatically set themselves based on your needs and start a personalized training program. All workouts are automatically tracked in the ATC app and users can see data on their muscle growth progress.

Can I do this at any location?

Right now, the eCoach program is only available at the Six Mile ATC location.

Do I need a gym membership to try it?