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Learn More About the Challenge

Register by visiting your local ATC Fitness

Test in on the  & receive your ATC advantage packet

Submit your before photos by email at: nyny@actfitness.org

Challenge runs from 12/31/2018 to 4/29/2019, this is your time to achieve your fitness goals

Submit your after photos and  story of your personal fitness journey to nyny@atcfitness.org

A panel of judges will vote on the top 10 males and top 10 females based 70% on photos 30% on stories

Top 10 males and females will be featured for the community to vote for the grand prize winners

Take 3 photos

Be sure you wear your New Year New You bracelet

Email your pictures to nyny@atcfitness.org

your name plus “Before”

IE (John Smith BEFORE)

Take 3 photos

Be sure you wear your New Year New You bracelet

Write your essay explaining your personal fitness journey

Due Date (90 Days after Sign Up) Email your pictures to nyny@atcfitness.org  your name plus “After”. IE (John Smith AFTER)

Pricing and Fees:

$50 member w/ training   $70 member w/out   $99 non-member *includes your first month of membership

Included with Entry

3 half hour 1-on-1 sessions with a certified Personal Trainer, Free InBody Testing throughout Challenge*

If a member already has PT can add Bootcamp for $50 when you sign a 12-month contract or $80 MTM (regular prices $70 12 months, $100 MTM)

10pk=$35/session   $350

20pk=$32/session  $640

*If a member purchases Personal Training at 3 or 4x a week they get FREE entry into Challenge.

Additional benefits:

$30 PT Sessions when you sign a 3 month PT agreement (rollover stays @ $30/session)

Detail Requirements:

Picture Requirements:

  1. Each participant must submit 3 photos (front, side, back) to nyny@atcfitness.org.
  2. Participant must wear the NYNY bracelet in each photo.
  3. ‘Before’ Pictures must be submitted by Jan. 29th 11:59pm.
  4. ‘After’ Pictures must be submitted within 3 days of participant’s 90th day. This 90th day is based off participant’s sign up date from their sign up sheet.

Subject Line:    Name & ‘Before’ or ‘After

Judging Top 10

(Male and Female):

3rd party panel – TBD

**70% Picture 30% Testimonial (**Feature InBody results in Testimonial)

Voting for Final Winners:

  1. New Year, New You page on current website.
  2. Top 10 Female & Male with before and after pictures posted with their personal essay.
  3. Open to community vote. 5/13-19/2019
  4. Winners Announced 5/24/2019
Rules and Regulations